What Apps Work on the Xbox One?

24 Aug 2014
xbox one browser

The Xbox One can support a variety of third party apps which use the console and touch screen to make sure your point of entry into the world is complete. You can so everything from watch videos from Redbox to stream movies from Amazon, keep up with the MLB and check in with the latest innovations and philosophies presented by the experts hosted on TED talks.

The console is seeking to define your entertainment by creating a preset series of channels for you to choose from, you can go right to the Xbox One store from your controller to see what apps are available to you while you are in the world of the console. This makes for an overall better experience as you can play and talk with your people in the world through one device.


Most of the news that is going to be of interest to the demographics served by the console is well represented. You can access sports specialty news apps, national news and even some of the local news feeds so you are never out of touch with what is going on around you. You can also use custom settings on your news feeds to make sure that you get in game alerts for things that are important to you.


Go beyond just texting people on the Xbox One player network to access different social media platforms, or even make a Skype contact. Skype works fully on the system allowing you to message, talk and video chat with friends and family all over the world. The quality of the connection with both audio and video rivals some of the best mobile access devices around. The addition of Skype to Xbox One allows you to reach beyond a limited social network of members and connect with your world on your terms.

TV Shows

There are the usual suspects when it comes to integrating streaming content onto a game console – such as Hulu and Netflix, but Microsoft has struck deals with a surprising range of media hubs that give you more options than you would expect from a gaming system. You can view TED talks, download and watch from Amazon, sign up for Muzu.TV, view YouTube and more. You can direct access MLB.com and other sports channels as well. You can even get on to CW.


The console comes with a built in Internet browser that takes full advantage of the touch screen controller. While you can get on and browse easily, it is really maximized to support the kind of use that a gamer would want while playing. Which means that accessing forums and text based sites, as well as videos goes smoothly. This will let you consult gaming discussions and FAQs easily to improve your gaming skills. It isn’t a full-fledged browser in the sense that it will replace your laptop or tablet, but it does what it does well with a definite purpose driving it.


Overview of Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm

12 Aug 2014
starcraft 2 kerrigan mission

The Heart of the Swarm expansion in Starcraft II has brought back some of the original species with some all new units. These are the NPC and PCs you are going to be facing off with in this futuristic world. Jim Raynor is back, only this time there is no briefing room but an interactive space on the Hyperion. Raynor has also changed, since the original game and the expansion Brood Wars, he has become more cynical and hardened. Where he might have almost been a gun for hire before, he is now a full-fledged mercenary.

Marketplace Maps and Battle Changes

One thing you should look for is the addition of maps for sale in the Starcraft II marketplace. These will help you get through the 26 missions with your skin intact. There are 3 other missions available as alternates and a secret mission, “Pierce the Shroud” that can also be unlocked. The maps will also prove invaluable to you as you enter into the battlefields. More of the AI driven battle forces are featuring units that may look familiar to you, but are going to behave differently from any you have encountered before in this game world. Here are brief overviews of the main three units you will encounter.
The three races are the main species in Starcraft II. While there are quite a few that come and go in the world scenarios and expansion kits, there are only three types of units that will be your main concern. All of these units originated in the first game – the Protoss, Terran and Zerg.


Protoss are the more advanced of all of the species. They are divided into two sects, the Dark Templars and the Khalais. While they have an unusual physical strength, most of their tactics will rely on their psionic abilities. Like the Zerg, all Khalai share a psionic link which is similar to the hive mind of the Zerg. This means that wherever one may be, more are soon to follow.


Terrans are one of the most complicated of the species to encounter in Starcraft II. Not only are they advanced fighters, but they will also unpredictably turn and fight against themselves, being notorious for splitting into factions. The Terrans are meant to represent a future race of humans. They are (ironically) known for the speed with which they can drain a planet’s resources and effectively kill a planet without engaging in a single battle.


Zergs are one of the original species from the first Starcraft. They are insectoid aliens that rely heavily on hive mind and collective unconsciousness. In their various permutations in this version of the game the ones to be most concerned with are the Queen, Roach and Ultrelisk. There are over 30 different types of Zergs in Starcraft II. The essence of their drive remains genetic permutation and each of the Zergs has a regeneration capability that brings them back in the next unit level up.

Hopefully the next expansion, Legacy of the Void, will be as good as everyone expects it to be. There should be a lot of new interesting units, maps, and changes in competitive strategies. I can't wait!


No Man's Sky Coming to PC and PlayStation 4

1 Aug 2014
no man's sky gameplay

We've seen the awesome gameplay and near infinite world to explore, but no big details for No Man's Sky has surfaced since its announcement last year in December. However, Hello Games just confirmed the game to be exclusive for the PlayStation 4 and it will be released for PCs at a later date.

Hello Games picked to start with the PS4 because of its superior hardware. Sean Murray of Hello Games explained that they can develop more advanced algorithms and maximize the game's richness and playability due to the PS4's capabilities.The game is expected to launch next year and has a lot of potential to be the new game that everyone will be talking about.