If you want play sports, do not forget to bring your heart rate monitor watch …! So what is this strange device? If we stick to the strict definition of this type of watch, it is a unit divided into two parts. One of them will set you where your heart is: This is the sensor. One part of the device can be a watch and the other device that will show you the data it receives from the sensor. So why should you wear such a complicated watch as a sports equipment? Well because even though we can not deny that this watch has a complex constitution, its use is relatively simple.




Let’s get to the question should probably ask many people. How is that a HEART RATE can improve sports performance? What are the benefits known to the heartbeat of your athletic performance? We will show you how this can be helpful. The answer is simple, but we should take a look at the physiology. We need oxygen to live, because it is the fuel of our body. When you breathe air goes directly into the lungs where it is dissociated. Oxygen dissolves in the blood. The work of the heart is to pump the oxygen-rich blood from the lungs to the rest of the body back to the lungs and the blood stained so that they evacuate the body of carbon dioxide. When you are in full force, the heart must work in a more intense regime in order to feed your muscles. But then, in addition to the “fuel” needed for your effort, the muscles also produce a highly toxic element lactic acid. It is the latter that is the cause of all your pain and cramps.

What is a heart rate monitor? As long as you know your heart rate, you will be able to test your effort so that it is effective in the body without pushing your heart to work in the extreme. The lactic acid in the blood dose effect depends heavily on your heart rate. Plus it’s based, the less likely it will accumulate and damage the higher it is. This watch will help so watch your speed and avoid after sport to stay in bed for days because of nasty cramps . Buying a watch of this type save you from ruins. There are excellent models at competitive prices. Therefore, if you think you want to sport and the words “sport” and “pain” are not synonymous! Buy a Polar, Garmin or Sigma for high quality watches at great prices.

You may not know this but playing video games can also increase your heart rate. The Starcraft tournaments in Korea have heart rate monitors as extra entertainment for the audience when the professional gamers combat one another. You can use these watches to monitor your heart rate while gaming just for fun! Ultra fun games like Terraria, Minecraft for free now, and Starcraft will surely get your blood pumping. How entertaining will that be for you and your friends?